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What Can I Wash with Drumi?

A common question we receive from our customers is what can be washed with Drumi.

The Drumi is a great alternative solution for hand washing required delicates. You can customize the water temperature to fit the type of fabric you’re washing. During winter, use Drumi to wash and spin-dry your wool & cashmere sweaters. No more towel drying or hands wring icing cold water. Use Drumi to wash baby clothes since it will keep up with the endless clothing changes. Stop mixing your baby’s outfit with your own. Drumi manual washer can wash and spin dry one load in 10 minutes. Finally, we recommend you use Drumi for your workout clothes because the wash cycle is gentle. This will help to keep your clothing in the right shape and the quality of the fibbers intact.

Bonus tip to help your clothes last longer: Avoid the dryer when you can.

One American Chemical Society study shows repeatedly drying cotton can reduce the fabric strength by 25% or more and also caused pilling. Some clothes may be suited for the high heat but most will fade and shrink or ruin the elastic. Hang dry your delicates after you wash them with your Drumi washing machine. We don’t recommend using Drumi for large item such as Bath Towel, Heavy Jacket and Bed Sheets. Overfilling the drum can damage the machine.

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