Drumi - Portable Washing Machine

Drumi - Portable Washing Machine

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$349.00Sale Price


  • Non-electric
  • Portable, use anywhere, anytime
  • Safe for handwashing items
  • Quick wash & spin dry
  • Easy clean with removable drum


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Again, Blessings and good fortune to such a brilliant inventor and team! Thank you for bringing us this creation! I only wish it was bigger, but it’s brilliant nonetheless! It is a high quality product that is still running perfectly after 3 years at weekly capacity. Keep up the great work! Please keep me posted on any new inventions! I hope you go on to teach, because your genius should be shared to young minds!

Pau Moig

Efficient and wonderful!

Yes, it took way longer to receive it than expected. However, when I purchased my Drumi, they were building per order and a new company so I was patient and understood there would be delays. I contacted the company by phone and they kindly gave me an update on the build process and expected delivery. This product also had to come through customs which slows down delivery tremendously!! Even with all of this, I am still a very happy customer! The product is just as described and meets all my expectations! It is very well built and has already proven its longevity. I looked into other portable electric and non-electric washers and could not see any other product lasting more than a year of full time RV travel. I would give this product a 5 star if only it was cheaper. It’s current cost is very high and although I love this product, I wouldn’t pay this price again. I have very high expectations of this product lasting years and years to come- if it breaks and I am unable to get it repaired, I would give this product a 1 star! It is too expensive not to last.

Brandi DeLoach

Love my Drumi

I’ve waited 8 mths to receive my machine . It hasn’t even left Canada . I asked for refund . A month later I’m still waiting . Sent multiple emails with no answers . Don’t buy from them .to much stress

Lyn monrad

Customer service

I absolutely love my Drumi! It's super sturdy but also beautiful to look at. Everything looks pretty and the pedal is super smooth to press. It's also easy to move around. I live in a small space and I love being able to do some laundry and how environmentally friendly it is! The Drumi team is also excellent - amazing support and communication. So grateful for this product! Thank you!


I Love My Drumi!

I followed the instruction when I was using it. I did not put too many clothes. I did not too much water or detergent. Still, the spring just broke after 10 times of use. And in order to fix it, I would have to have a long and skinny screwdriver to unscrew and disassemble the product. I wish they could have included the screwdriver in the package or at least provide the information that I need it to fix it...Does anyone living alone usually have those screwdrivers? now I need to purchase one. And I hope I will not have to do this very often..


New York
Spring broke after 10 times of use + long and skinny screw driver is required to fix it.

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