Drumi - Portable non-electric washing machine

Drumi - Portable non-electric washing machine






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World’s first foot powered washing machine.
Fast, effective and better for the environment.


DRumi on the GO

No installation required, Drumi keeps you clean wherever you take it. The sleek and compact design is tailored to fit in any living space.

Off-Grid Living

Urban Lifestyle

RV / Mobile Homes

Workout Gears

Replace Hand Wash

Save Time

Wash, rinse and spin dry up to 2 kg of laundry in  5 - 10 min.

Work out in your favorite gears everyday with confidence.

Lift up Lock down

Lift up for easy portability.

Lock down for your safety during use.

Easy to clean

Removable Drum gives you access to clean inside. 

Greener Earth
Powered by You

Reduce your carbon emission with Drumi.

Squeeze in some leg work while helping out the environment.

Spin dry all your delicates in just 30 sec and let mother nature do the rest.

Rating & Review​s

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Kuala Lumpur

Would be great if comes with optional R2D2 colour. Will be a sellout.



The product itself is a solid, albeit expensive, overall. It delivers on it's ability to clean clothing in small batches as other reviewers have noted. My problem lies with delivery and customer service.

I purchased mine in July 2017. Despite inquiring about delivery time, vague/delayed responses, and not needing it immediately; I did not receive until September 2019.
My mother actually liked it a lot that she took mine and offered to buy me another one, which we did that same month/year.

It is now January 2021. I do not have dire need for my DRUMI at this moment but I anticipate moving soon and having that would be helpful as W/D in unit is more a luxury than a standard where I'm from.


Highly recommended- some areas for improvement

This is a high quality, eco-friendly clothes washing machine. I am thankful it can wash, rinse and spin dry my small washes. My family's intention for this product is for our RV, so that when we are boondocking, and want to extend our trip, we can do laundry on the road independently.


1) Size and weight constraint: The size of the machine is perfect. Not too big so it can be easily stored, but not too small so you can wash enough clothes. I created a reminder chart of the recommended load sizes. Although the number of articles of clothing is much fewer than a standard electric washing machine, the short cycle times do not make this an issue. It also comes fully assembled, just need to attach the drain hose.

2) Technology: This little machine will crank out clean clothes every time, with little effort. Before this solution, we had a separate clothes washer and spinner, neither of which was reliable. This has cut down on the amount of time I spend doing laundry and made it easier too.

3) Shipping Times: I ordered and received my product in less than one week. Possibly COVID delayed some other reviewers' shipments, but zero issues on mine.

4) User Manual: I HIGHLY recommend for all to read the provided User Manual. Many of the negative comments were apparent user error, as they did not follow the parameters set by Yiergo.


1) User Manual: Although overall helpful, the User Manual could be improved upon. It does not state a type of detergent you can use. My family uses a concentrated kind and found that to be too strong at the 3mL amount. Also, the recommended foot pedals per cycle could be clarified. After watching a product testing video on YouTube, the suggested foot pedaling for a Wash or Rinse Cycle was 1 pedal every 10 seconds for 5 minutes. For the Spin Cycle, 3 pedals every second for 3 minutes. I purchased a workout interval timer to maintain the correct spacing.

2) Customer Service assessability: The Yiergo Customer Service Team appears difficult to get in touch with by not having a phone number. I had a question and had reached out to an email address I found on the Contact Us page. Sales@yiergo.com simply informed me to direct my inquiry to Info@yiergo.com, however, the reply was received when I had already discovered my answer on a user's video.

3) Cost: Depending on how frequently you plan on using the machine, it could potentially save you money if you plan on going to a laundromat. However, it is at an over $300 price point and may prevent some from buying due to cost alone.

Overall: I would repurchase and recommend it to a friend, however, if the items above we're addressed, it would make for an even better experience

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