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me gustaría saber si están pensando en los valores de su producto para países como el mio, por que el producto es genial pero su valor es demasiado alto para un producto de su tipo o función y capacidad no lo digo por que el producto sea malo o in necesario. poro su valor lo hace ver así frente alas demás marcar o empresas de la industria y seria de buen agrado para ustedes y todos los de mas que podamos usarlo si fuera mas accesible... gracias por escucharme y que tengan buenas noches/día

juan david

el volor es de maciado para la moneda local

I really love,love, LOVE the quality materials used in the manufacturing of this machine! It is really well made and sturdy! It cleans very well and is simple to use. I LOVE how well it spins out clothes! I was washing my clothes in the sink because of the COVID-19 lockdowns so I wanted to avoid public spaces, like the laundromat, as much as possible The Drumi spin cycle cut my line drying time by hours! I used to wring my clothes out by hand and it would take all day for them to dry. Plus, the wringing by hand stressed and stretched the fabric. NOT ANYMORE! The spin cycle alone is worth the cost! I especially love that I can wash, rinse, and SPIN all in one unit just like a traditional electric washing machine! It saves me time, money, travel, and aggravation when the quarter machine at the laundromat malfunctions. Drumi also gives me peace of mind that if the power should ever be out, for any extended period of time, I can still wash my clothes. I also love it's sleek modern design that is very pleasant to look at. If I have it tucked away in a corner. Most people would probably think it's just a fancy air-purifier or a classy high-end modern design waste bin unless you show them what it is. I wish this product was out years ago way back when I lived in an apartment and had to haul laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs! Oh well, it was great exercise...LOL! I looked at MANY non-electric washing machines and only three were (in my humble opinion) worthwhile. This one made the cut in my final decision to purchase a non-electric washing machine. It was the spin cycle function that really set it apart from all the others. No need to have a separate laundry spinner with Drumi! That was the feature that placed the Yirego Drumi head and shoulders above the rest. The Drumi cost me $349.00 BUT it will save me $40.00 a month in laundry expense and will pay for itself over a very short time. Less electricity (none except the warm water) less water, less detergent, less gas (driving to and from laundromat), less fabric softener, less TIME wasted in doing laundry! The saying is true "Less is More!". I should note here that I also use "Fels-Naptha" bar soap that lasts a looong time and it only costs .98 cents a bar! I am a single guy and I wash clothes about 3 times per week. I have a small bed so my bed sheets fit in the Drumi with no problem and cleans them very well also. .. So, there you have it! I would definitely recommend Yirego Drumi for camping, traveling, daily use and single people. Or a couple, but you will have to do washing more frequently (Obviously). One thing I should also add is that this machine does have a good heft to it because of the high-quality durable materials in which it is made from. This machine is QUALITY! not some cheap flimsy slapped together junk! Thank you Yirego for making this AWESOME little machine! It has made my life a lot easier and reduced my expenses while doing something better for the planet in the process!


St. Petersburg, Florida
Excellent Quality

I absolutely love my Drumi! It's super sturdy but also beautiful to look at. Everything looks pretty and the pedal is super smooth to press. It's also easy to move around. I live in a small space and I love being able to do some laundry and how environmentally friendly it is! The Drumi team is also excellent - amazing support and communication. So grateful for this product! Thank you!


Victoria BC
I Love My Drumi!

I do enjoy using the Drumi. I have incorporated doing my laundry using the Yirego Drumi into my daily routine without any hiccups at all. Of course the first couple days I had to begin thinking on how to adapt it in but then I figured it out and it doesn't take me any additional time. In fact I would argue it saves me time instead of stacking up big loads of laundry to deal with. The Drumi is very sturdy and very classy.
I would definitely and already have recommended it to people.

To top it all off Yirego's customer service is prompt and cordial.


Ohio USA
Excellent product and excellent customer service

Good product. I like the results. Hold physically the machine while centrifuging, otherwise it starts moving away from you. When you order make clear if it is a preorder so you are not frustrated with longer delivery time. It's worth buying it for me.

Nevena Kancheva

Easy to use and clean + Looks very good

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