Drumi Portable Washing Machine - Green

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- Non-electric portable washing machine

- 5 minutes quick wash 

- 30s spin dry clothes 

- 4.5lbs of everyday laundry

- removable drum allows you to wipe clean inside the machine. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination between laundry

- 100% portable with carrying handle 

- Made with 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and ASA engineered plastic. 97.85% recyclable

Colour: Green
  • Specifications


    8.5 kg


    495 x 400 x 416 mm


    Green or Silver

    Max. Drum Capacity

    2.0 Kg

    Max. Water Capacity

    8.0 L

    Lid Capacity

    4.0 L

    Detergent Cup


    Washing / Rinse Cycle

    3-5 min

    Washing / Rinse Cycle RPM


    Spin Dry Cycle


    Max. Spin Speed

    600 RPM


    1 Year

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    Drumi is a foot powered washing machine engineered to keeps you clean wherever you live. Whether you want to quickly wash your gym clothes or hand towels without doing an entire load, clean your delicate items without worrying about damage, avoiding the laundromat, or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, Drumi can do it all— quickly and efficiently—while helping you to squeeze in a quick leg workout.


    Drumi can wash up to 4.5lbs of laundry in just 5-10 minutes, and even be used to spin dry delicates in 30 seconds. Its eco-friendly design uses zero electricity and conserves water too. Simply add your laundry, fill Drumi with water, and add your detergent to the top. Attach the lid, lock the handle, and you're ready to pump. Drumi is easy to drain and a breeze to rinse clean. The sleek and compact design fits seamlessly in any living space, and is lightweight enough to take with you camping or on the road.

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Hi i need, but for send to my. in Lima, Peru. It’s possible?


Lima, Peru

I have been using my drumi for about a year and I love it. I have a family of 5 and everyone has clean clothes thanks to it.

Veronica munoz

Clewiston fl

The quality of the product is very sophisticated, seems like high quality durable aluminum and plastic. Steep price to pay upfront, but if you are an efficient low maintenance person with a mindset to make a significant change in your life, this is for you.
It took 2 months for my order to get delivered, which I didn’t mind because I knew it would take long, as far as I know Yirego is fast paced growing and able to deliver sooner than before. definitely a great investment for a small apartment, or single person. Only time will tell the durability and performance of the product. I will try and update my recommendation. But as of now I’m excited to use it, have clean clothes at home, and very impressed!


Texas USA

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