Drumi - Portable Washing Machine



  • Non-electric Manual Washer.
  • 100% Portable, Use Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Safe for Handwashing Items.
  • Quick Wash & Spin Dry.
  • Easy Clean with Removable Drum.

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Rating & Review​s

First off, I ordered mine on January 8, 2018 and received it today, December 5, 2019. That’s 696 days of waiting to be exact. So if any of you are wondering how long it took, there’s your number.

Now to the meat:

1. Does a pretty good job at washing clothes. Not that I put in anything extremely soiled but they all came out clean and smelling good.
2. Big Pro: the Spin-Dry cycle does a decent job at getting rid of excess water. No more hassle of having to wring your clothes which ruins them in the long run.
3. Certainly saves you money in energy and water.

1. Does not wash enough clothes per cycle for the effort. Max 4 shirts according to instructions. If that’s the case, all this effort of putting water, pumping for wash cycle, drain, then replacing water again for rinse cycle then pumping again, then draining is not worth it just for 4 shirts.
2. I loaded more clothes than recommended and must say, it significantly got harder to pump the pedal.
3. The extra hose when attached to the drain leaks so by the time I finished the wash cycle, I didn’t realize all the water was gone. So I took it out and just don’t use it.
4. The plastic dome/lid which you use to measure water leaks. So it’s a bit of a hurry to transfer the water to the Drumi lest you’re okay with wet floors.
5. Bigger than expected. If you’re wondering about the weird photo I used, it’s because I wanted to give a different perspective with a ruler. It’s not that the Drumi is tall. It’s actually because it’s WIDE! In the photo, the arrow shows you the 1 foot mark. So including the pedal, this is 1.5 feet wide! Think of it as a short and pudgy R2D2.

VERDICT: While nothing about the functions of the product were falsely advertised (and I’m referring strictly to the function of the product such as what it can do and how much clothes it can wash, etc), Drumi certainly under delivers to expectations. Having gone through hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, I wanted a product that I can rely on to wash clothes without power in the long run. To be honest, I ended up buying another product while waiting for this and that does a better job. Less money, less effort, same amount of clothes you can wash. Check out Scrubba Wash Bag in Amazon. And yes, you can fold that too and tuck it in your back pack. And no, I do not work for Scrubba nor am I affiliated with them.

All in all, I am not regretting my purchase, (though waiting for this product for close to 700 days was not fun at all). It’s the kind of product that’s good to have for emergencies but certainly not something I am willing to use on the regular. For now, it’ll get tucked away in storage and hope I don’t have to use it too often.

P.S. If you’re still waiting for your order, try reaching out to Petal Wang at petal.wang@yirego.com. She was the only one who responded to me and was gracious enough to help me get my order.

Ayie Melendez

Delivers Below Expectations

If any of you out there are crafters and have wondered about felting in your Drumi, wonder no more. I felted a hand-knit tam in my Drumi and it worked beautifully.


I LOVE my Drumi!!!

So easy to pedal its gyrates like butter. Extremely high quality product. Well made, strong materials. Soooo happy, absolutely delighted with this purchase. Definitely worth every penny.


Amazing !!!

The quality of the product is very sophisticated, seems like high quality durable aluminum and plastic. Steep price to pay upfront, but if you are an efficient low maintenance person with a mindset to make a significant change in your life, this is for you.
It took 2 months for my order to get delivered, which I didn’t mind because I knew it would take long, as far as I know Yirego is fast paced growing and able to deliver sooner than before. definitely a great investment for a small apartment, or single person. Only time will tell the durability and performance of the product. I will try and update my recommendation. But as of now I’m excited to use it, have clean clothes at home, and very impressed!


Texas USA

I live in an apartment that has a lot of residents and few washers, especially clean ones. The DRUMI has been a great asset because I can do small loads any time I want. And it's even fun to use.

A. M. Holmes

FANTASTIC product. Well worth the wait

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