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Introducing Drumi

A better way of doing laundry. Fast, convenient and easy on the environment, Drumi is designed to become your ideal personal washing machine.


Drumi on the go

No installation required, Drumi keeps you clean wherever you take it. The sleek and compact design is tailored to fit in any living space.

Cottage / Off grid living

Urban Living


RV / Mobile Homes

Active Wear

Instant Wash Cycle

Designed to wash a daily 2kg load of lightly soiled clothes, Drumi takes about 5 minutes to complete one load. Now you can wear your favorite shirt several days in a row with confidence.

Reduce Your Carbon Emission

No more waiting doing laundry during off-peak hours. Drumi requires NO electricity. Squeeze in some leg work while you clean. 

Safety Lock

Safety lock secure lid in place during high speed spin dry cycle.

Easy to Clean

Removable drum gives you access to clean inside. 

        Awards and Press

Winner of 2015 James Dyson Award

Winner of 2017 Edison Award for Water Conservation

“It’s young designers who inspire me the most.The Canadian winner of the 2015 James Dyson Award is a young designer from Ontario College of Art and Design who designed Drumi...”

“This pint sized washing machine is perfect for small spaces and is great for the planet.”

“The Drumi could not better embody the crux of Ippinka’s ethos: Consume less.”

“This tiny washing machine could change the way we do laundry forever.”

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